Bonasport Club

 24 February 2017   |    WHERE TO GO

After eating in the best restaurants of the city during your stay, the most athletics of you, will maybe need to do some gym! If you don’t know the city, it may be hard to find a great place to do your exercise, but don’t worry we have what you need! From now on all our clients can benefit from a special agreement during their stay with the Bonasport Club, one of the best fitness center in Barcelona!!

One Month 315,00 €
3 Weeks 240,00 €
2 Weeks 200,00 €
1 Week 110,00 €
1 Day 40,00 €

his amazing fitness center has amazing tracks, paddle and squash courts, two outdoor and one indoor swimming pools, multi-sport courts and fitness rooms with the most modern and professional equipment. All of this in a luxurious club full of natural light and breathtaking views of the city.

Good to know:

If you just want to go one day it’s not a problem you don’t need to subscribe!

You’ll find everything you want.


Vistabella, 11 · 08022 Barcelona

Openning Hours:

  • Monday:  7Am- 11:30PM
  • Tuesday: 7AM- 11:30PM
  • Wednesday: 7AM- 11:30PM
  • Thursday: 7AM- 11:30PM
  • Friday: 7AM- 11:30PM
  • Saturday: 8:30AM- 10PM
  • Sunday 8:30AM- 10PM

Why do we like it:

Because it’s an amazing place with all you need to do some sport, but also relax with the SPA!

It opens early in the morning and closes late in the evening, ideal for those who are working!