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Cavalcada de Reis: Celebrating the Three Kings Parade in Barcelona

In the heart of Barcelona's festive spirit lies a beloved tradition that brings joy and wonder to residents and visitors alike – the Cavalcada de Reis, or the Three Kings Parade. This colorful and vibrant event, held annually on January 5th, marks the arrival of the Three Wise Men and is a highlight of the holiday season in Barcelona. Let's explore the magic of this enchanting celebration:

A Time-Honored Tradition:

The Cavalcada de Reis has been a cherished tradition in Barcelona for generations, dating back centuries. Rooted in the story of the Three Wise Men – Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar – who followed the star to Bethlehem to present gifts to the newborn Jesus, the parade pays homage to this biblical tale.

Cavalcada de Reis 2024 | Nadal | Web de Barcelona

Spectacular Procession:

As evening falls on January 5th, the streets of Barcelona come alive with the sounds of music, laughter, and excitement as the Cavalcada de Reis gets underway. Elaborately decorated floats, adorned with colorful lights and festive decorations, wind their way through the city, accompanied by marching bands, dancers, and performers.

La cavalcada de Reis de Barcelona canvia el recorregut i no passarà pel  centre de la ciutat

Glorious Costumes and Characters:

One of the highlights of the parade is the elaborate costumes worn by participants, depicting characters from biblical times, fairy tales, and folklore. From kings and queens to angels and shepherds, each costume is a work of art, meticulously crafted to capture the imagination of onlookers.

Cavalcada dels Reis d

Candy and Gifts for All:

As the procession passes through the streets, the Three Kings – portrayed by actors or community leaders – toss candy and small gifts to the eager crowd, delighting children and adults alike. It's a joyful moment of sharing and generosity that embodies the spirit of the holiday season.

La Cabalgata de Los Reyes Magos: A Spanish Holiday Parade - Spanish Sabores

A Magical Atmosphere:

The Cavalcada de Reis creates a magical atmosphere throughout Barcelona, as families gather along the parade route to catch a glimpse of the spectacle. From balconies adorned with twinkling lights to streets lined with spectators waving flags and banners, the city is transformed into a scene of wonder and delight.

Cabalgata de Reyes en Barcelona

Continuing the Tradition:

For many families in Barcelona, attending the Cavalcada de Reis is a cherished annual tradition, passed down from generation to generation. It's a time to come together with loved ones, to marvel at the beauty of the parade, and to celebrate the spirit of giving and community.


A quina hora és la Cavalcada de Reis 2023 a Barcelona?


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