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Park Güell

 Located in the city of Barcelona, Park Güell is one of the most beautiful icons of the city.

It is a work of Antoni Gaudí located in the upper part of Barcelona , where you can have a wonderful view of the city. You can enjoy a walk surrounded by a green environment with modernist works .


It is a public park with gardens and arquitectonicossituado elements on top of the city of Barcelona , in the sea -facing side of the mountain of Carmel , located in the foothills of the Sierra de Collserola. Park Güell is a reflection of the artistic fulfillment of Gaudi : belongs to naturalistic stage ( first decade of the twentieth century , a period in which the architect perfected his personal style through inspiration in the organic forms of nature , for which implemented a whole series of new structural solutions originating from his deep analysis of ruled geometry .


The park is named after Eusebi Güell , rich Catalan businessman influential member of a bourgeois family in the colonial city . And versatile man of great culture , was written , painter , linguist, chemist and biologist .


Guell Park was formed by the union of two farms , Can Muntaner de Dalt and Can Coll i Pujol , in the so called " Bald Mountain " ( today gave Mount Carmel ) , acquired by Güell in 1899. The land had belonged to the Marquis of Marianao ( Mayor of Barcelona in 1905-1906 and 1910-1911) , promoter of Cambrils Park Samà by Josep Fotserè (1882 ) , one of the masters of Gaudí.


It was the Count Güell who planned to turn the mountainside in a complex Custom commissioned Gaudí , with whom she had a fruitful professional relationship since 1878 , when the employer was impressed with the talent of the young architect to see a play you ( a showcase for Guantería Comella made ​​) in the Paris Universal Exhibition of that year. Gaudí worked alongside some of his usual collaborators , as Josep Maria Jujol , Francesc Berenguer and Llorenç Matamala Joan Rubio . The works were carried out by the contractor Josep Pardo i Casanovas.


Güell and Gaudí had in mind a project in the style of English garden cities (which is evident in the initial spelling Park Guell) , following the theories of Ebenezer Howard. Count Güell had experience with the English labor organization , as was reflected in its draft working city of Colonia Güell in Santa Coloma de Cervello . Also, Güell was inspired to garden areas in the Garden City Fontaine Nimes , where he lived in his youth.


In 1969 the Park Guell was appointed Artistic Momunmento Old historic character - Nation, and in 1984 UNESCO included within the Heritage Place.


Güell Park can be visited every day for free, but soon will have to pay to access it. It is reached by subway , although the stations are at a distance. Accessing from Vallarca station can be used to liven up a mechanical ecaleras part of the slope. In addition , you can reach the city buses or tourist bus that runs all points of interest in the city.