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It's time to get sweet! Who doesn't like to eat sweets from time to time? We've selected the 10 best typical sweets from Catalonia just for you.

1 - Mel i mató

This sweet couldn't live up to its name more.

Mel i Mato is a Catalan dessert made with mató, a fresh cheese from Catalonia made from cow's or goat's milk with no added salt. Its texture is similar to that of ricotta cheese, although its flavour is milder, and it is drizzled with honey and nuts.

Mel i mató, uno de los postres catalanes más populares

2 - Catànies

If you're addicted to sweets, you'll be obsessed with Catànies.

Catànies are a typical chocolate sweet from Vilafranca del Penedès and some other nearby towns made with marcona almonds. They are roasted and covered first with caramel and then with a thick layer of white chocolate or a mixture of almond, hazelnut and milk.


3 - Turrón de Agramunt

This is one of the best nougats in Catalonia.

This nougat is made in the municipality of Agramunt, in the Catalan region of Urgell, in the province of Lérida. It is made with honey, peeled and toasted almonds or hazelnuts, sugar, egg white, and wafer coating. It has a firm, crunchy texture, but melts in the mouth.

Turrón de Agramunt, algo más que un postre de Navidad | Alimentación sana y  de calidad | Comunicación Empresarial

4 - Borregos de Cardedeu

Borregos are sweet pastries with the shape and texture of slices of toasted bread.

They are basically made with flour, water, yeast, sugar, butter (or lard) and a few grains of cumin. They are characterised by their yellowish colour on the inside and toasting on the outside. 

Conoces los borregos de Cardedeu? – Museu de Cardedeu – MATBC

5 - Panellets

It’s the typical sweet of All Saints' Day and is sold in huge quantities.

They are made with a sweet dough made with sugar, ground raw almonds, egg and grated lemon zest to give them a fluffier texture. On the outside, they are coated with egg white, which acts as a sticking agent for a layer of pine nuts. The whole is baked and left to cool. There is now a wide range of panellets available: coconut, chocolate, coffee, etc.

Panellets de piñones

6 - Crema Catalana

Do you know what a crème brûlée is? Then you can almost say that you also know Creme Catalana, as the desserts have been called "virtually identical", although Crema Catalana is made with milk, while crème brûlée is made with cream. Crema Catalana is a custard made with egg yolks, milk, sugar, corn flour (in modern recipes) and aromatics, usually lemon zest, cinnamon or vanilla, with a crunchy caramel crust.

Crema catalana (di Luca Montersino)

7 - Carquinyolis

Carquinyolis are very easy to make. You only need flour, almonds, sugar and egg, although you can also add lemon peel and cinnamon.

They have a texture similar to toast as they are made with the same technique as biscote and it is very popular to dip them in coffee.

Receta de carquinyolis con harina de avena - Blog Conasi

8 - Cocas

Coca, Coc or Fogassa is a sweet typically made and eaten in Catalonia.

There are many different cocas, with four main varieties: sweet, savoury, closed and open. All of them use dough (sweet or savoury) as the main ingredient, which is then decorated. If the dough is sweet, eggs and sugar are added, and if it is salted, yeast and salt are added. As for the topping or filling, fish and vegetables are common on the coast, while inland, fruit, nuts, cheese and meat are preferred. Some cocas can be both sweet and savoury (they usually mix meat and fruit).

Coca | Traditional Sweet Pastry From Catalonia, Spain

9 - Roscón de Reyes

Roscón de Reyes is a pastry made with a sweet toroid-shaped dough decorated with slices of candied, crystallised fruit in a variety of colours. It can be filled with whipped cream or custard, nowadays also with mocha, truffle or chocolate, and surprises are placed inside. It usually contains ceramic or plastic figurines, which diners may find in a slice. A very notable feature is that a dried bean is also placed inside the roscón. Traditionally, the person who finds the bean pays for the roscón. It is served on Three Kings' Night, 5 January, and on 6 January, Three Kings' Day.

La receta de roscón de Reyes fácil, rápida y con un punto muy original |  Lifestyle

10 - Neula

Neula is a crunchy and sweet dessert very similar to waffles that is eaten mainly during the Christmas holidays.

The dough for neulas is usually made with flour, sugar, egg white, butter and lemon peel. Some people also add vanilla. They can be eaten on their own or accompanied by sweets such as crème brûlée, sorbets, ice-cream, etc.

Neula | Traditional Cookie From Catalonia, Spain

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